The day Buddy went to the pound

Buddy, the beagle is my daughter’s dog. He is a fun, loving guy, but he is a challege.  Amanda grew up around dogs, hounds in particular; They are extremely friendly and kind to people, but rabbits, ducks, raccoons not so much. Anyway , when  Amanda moved out on her own, she wanted a hound but a smaller breed. She decided on getting a beagle.They may be bred for hunting, full of grit and fierce in the field ,but they have the best disposition always loving, loyal, and kind to people. Now making a hound a house pet is a challenge in itself, they are bred to hunt. They have an innate desire to escape every chance  they get. They want to chase a scent, with their nose to the ground and get the ultimate prize which is whatever animal their trained to hunt. Buddy was never trained so he would chase any varmint, squirrels and neighborhood cats mostly. He never caught these varmits though. He lived the good life, the royal life for a dog , he lived mostly on table scraps. There were times that Buddy’s mischievous manner would get the best of him though and he would pull food from the counter which includeda piece of steak, marinaded chicken, and even a whole pizza. So you see Buddy has a good life, in doing so he put on a little extra weight so catching an animal was impossible.  I’m sure the squirrels and the neighborhood cats were glad of that. Buddy never gave up the game of chase though; when Buddy was outside on the run, he would mysteriously slip his collar off or he would somehow undo the latch/hitch that connected the collarr to the run. Amanda tried various latches/hitches each time more complex than the next, but to no avail, he would escape. One of the days that he escaped , his nose brought him to Dunkin Donuts one street over from his residence. Customers and staff fell in love with buddy and would gave him a doughnut or two.Well that one time was all it took, he developed a sweet tooth and doughnuts became his game .He no longer bothered with the varmints, his new quest was doughnuts. This little Houdini became a frequent patron of Dunkin donuts. On this particular day though, Buddy was hitched to his run. He was laying under the big Maple tree, half asleep when an Adam’s Doughnut truck went by. Buddy caught a whiff of the doughnuts and the chase was on. He wrestled around for a minute or two..He lowered his head, twisted himself this way and that…Like he was in a wrestling match..He tumbled over himself like a semi summersault and astonishingly slipped his collar. The chase was on…He ran pass Dunkin Donuts, he was in hot pursuit of this Doughnut truck…He chased the truck up onto Main Street. Buddy either lost the truck in traffic or he caught a more alluring scent like the food being made at Taylors Tavern. He ended up at a local pub, a nice man who was sitting at the bar having a beer looked after Buddy. How he made it through the door at the bar I have no idea. But as the story goes he did and this nice man took good care of him while he was there. The man did not know who Buddy belonged to because he didn’t have tags. The tags were on the collar that he had slipped through. Anyway, the man contacted the dog officer to see if they could find the  proper owners.The dog officer picked Buddy up and put him in the slammer.

I know if Buddy could’ve, he would’ve sat on a barstool and had a beer. Lol

Oh and by the way, Amanda was not impressed with his shenanigans, she bought a padlock with a key and a leather collar.When Buddy was on the run, the latch was padlocked. An extreme method for a little beagle but it kept him home and kept him safe. A hound will always be a hound.

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