The Life of a Chicken

 Raising chickens, can be a fun and rewarding experience.

My daughter started her flock last year, and her first year experience has been a success. She has a healthy flock of five robust laying hens. She will be expanding her flock in the spring, we will blog step by step how to raise your flock from chicks to hens.

The laying hens gave us a surplus of eggs this year, we will give you ideas on what to with your surplus from recipes to selling your eggs to offset the cost of the chicken feed. The eggs were of great quality, my daughter submitted the eggs in a local agricultural fair and won second place! We believe the quality of the eggs was from not only type of chicken but also the feed. We will explain all the tips in future blogs.

Raising chickens can be a fun and rewarding experience, you need to have patience and a sense of humor. If you can laugh at the little things, than you will succeed. Stay tuned for our comical stories. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you.



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