Marigolds, the Gardener’s Friend

February is the month to start planting some seeds indoors. It’s always a good idea to start a batch of Marigolds along with your early planting of  vegetable seeds.These small flowers are a natural bug repellent, and will aid in preventing the intrusion of insects that will attack your vegetable garden.

If you start the seeds early, you’ll get more bang for your buck. The cost of starting your own seed packet versus buying a flat of plants ,you end up saving several dollars. The reason you need to start the flower seeds early, because it’s the blossoms that are the bug repellent. You will want the flowers in full bloom, when you plant them with the young vegetable plants.Marigolds are a hardy annual plant; they don’t require any maintenance once their planted in the ground. These flowers thrive in full sun, and will tolerate the hot summer heat.

Marigolds will repell tomato horn worms, squash beetles, and a variety of other garden insects. It’s beneficial to plant the Marigolds between the tomato and squash plants for this reason. This will help maintain your organic garden without the use of chemical pesticides.

Have you been bothered by black gnats or mosquitos, when you were in your garden weeding, harvesting, or doing other garden work? Marigolds will repell those bugs too. Remove a couple blossoms from the plant, and smear it on your skin. It will leave  yellow streaks, but it will wash off easily. Reapply the Marigold blossoms as necessary. It’s safe for both adults and children, it’s an all natural, non toxic alternative to the harsh bug sprays.

Marigolds have multi benefits to the garden and the gardener. Besides repelling the insects, its cost effective by saving the gardener money, no need to buy pesticides or harsh bug sprays. Starting the seeds early, there is also no need to purchase the plants, that too is a saving for you. Happy Gardening!