Our family has been into farming for many generations either as a business or as a hobby. We have learned through the years what works and what doesn’t, and  we have also discovered new and inexpensive ways to make farming easier. Although our family lives in the country, we currently live in an urban area. A couple of years ago, my daughter and I had a discussion about  wanting easy access to organic foods. We  knew the easiest and most inexpensive way was to grow our own. We started with a small vegetable garden, then over the last couple of years we have expanded with fruit trees and berry bushes. Last year, Amanda decided  to try to raise a flock of chickens, it was a success! She submitted her eggs at the local fair and won second place. The eggs have been over abundant, and she is thinking about selling the surplus this year. Our little backyard has expanded from a small vegetable garden to now a hobby farm. Farming can be a fun experience, but you need patience and a sense of humor. You will have trials and tribulations but the outcome of a fruitful garden and a well producing farm will outweigh any hardships.The work can be hard and tedious but it is rewarding.  We want to share with you  our experiences so your gardening or farming can be a success. It can be done, right in your backyard. You’ll be amazed at what you can grow in a small space.